Director’s Message

Shaji Varkey, Director T.I.M.E KottayamIn T.I.M.E-Kottayam, we train students to succeed and excel in competitive entrance exams like CAT, Bank Tests, GATE, SSC, GRE, GMAT..etc. In an ordinary exam, a student normally needs to perform well in the test to succeed . However, in a competitive exam like CAT, CMAT, Bank test..etc a student not only needs to perform well but also is required to beat his competitor to succeed. This requires a different set of skills and speed and this is where our institute has an important role to play. The systematic and methodological training approach conjoined with test taking strategies , various short cut & memory tricks which we impart and teach our students enables them to gain that edge over their rivals in the tests. I am proud to declare that we are strong contenders for the status of No. 1 bank coaching centre in South Kerala at the moment with hundreds of qualifications year after year. Gone are the days when people used to look towards only Kollam for Bank coaching. Now, thanks to the stupendous results of T.I.M.E – Kottayam, the destination is gradually shifting to Kottayam.

Shaji C Varkey, Director